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Facebook Messenger, Naked Celebrities, Oculus Medicine, Robots Taking Human Jobs.

Robots at a Tesla factory, assembling the first Model S line.

Robots at a Tesla factory, assembling the first Model S line.

photo: Steve Jurvetson via CC BY 2.0


Show Notes

We ended up recording a lot more than we thought we would, so you’ll notice a few awkward cuts here and there as we tried to bring down the runtime to a reasonable length. Enjoy!

News (00:00:43)

Facebook Messenger (00:00:43)

Now mandatory. FUD spreading about app permissions.

Sensational article from 100.3 The Bull, in Houston

More informed articles

Android Developer Docs

Android has to write the descriptions of what the permissions can do based on what’s possible, so that users are fully informed in even the most extreme cases. It doesn’t necessarily describe how the app actually uses those permissions. Facebook is just the latest target over fearmongering centered around this.

AdBlock Plus Disables Canvas Fingerprinting (00:08:00)

Canvas Fingerprinting on Wikipedia

Canvas Fingerprinting is a method by which a site can determine useful information about a client. It works by having the browser render a known image, then sending that rendered image back to the server. Since there are subtle differences between browsers, operating systems, and graphics hardware in how they accomplish this, the returned image can be used to determine that information.

From BrowserLeaks:

[…] web browsers uses [sic] different image processing engines, export options, compression level, final images may got [sic] different hashes even if they are pixel-perfect; at the pixmap level — operating systems use different algorithms and settings for anti-aliasing and sub-pixel rendering.

This technique was first reported in a research paper by Gunes Acar et al.: The Web never forgets: Persistent tracking mechanisms in the wild

iCloud Photo Leaks (00:11:26)

Gadgets and Technology (00:34:59)

Oculus Rift in Medical Training (00:34:59)

Fizz Buzz as an Interview Question (00:38:01)

Brain Messages (00:42:35)

Clarification from the podcast, the technology thusfar takes a signal from one person and sends 1s & 0s as flashes to write out a message in the recipient’s mind. Sorry for any confustion we had here. If you want to be paranoid, you can still consider the possibilites of mind reading/control.

This is Awesome! (00:46:04)

Note: That was definitely not our first take on the harmonies.

DDoS Attack Map (00:46:04)

Polymer (00:49:48)

The Dreadnoughtus! (00:53:31)

Q & A: Robots Taking Human Jobs (00:58:47)

At this point, we obviously don’t have any “listeners” yet, since this is our first episode, we’ve been asked this question before and thought it would be a great first topic for this segment.

Recent Pew research:


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