Kristin Valentine

HTML5 Games, Shellshock, Windows 10, Euclideon, The Physical Web

Kristin Valentine

Kristin Valentine

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Show Notes

News (00:02:23)

It’s Ada Lovelace Day! (00:02:23)

Find some time today to listen to this great 7-minute feature from NPR about the pioneers of computer programming who were, conspicuously, primarily women.

Finding Ada is an organization dedicated to promoting women in STEM fields by highlighting great role models and celebrating their achievements. Give them money!

We also talked about Rear Admiral Grace M. Hopper, who created the first compiler, and whose work led to the computing industry moving away from machine-specific languages and toward portable English-like programming languages. The Anita Borg Institute just wrapped up their annual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference.

Euclideon (00:07:37)

Company dominates limitations in hardware by solving it with advancements in software. 3D search algorithm capable of rendering unlimited point cloud data removes hardware bottlenecks associated with simple polygon graphics.

As an interesting extra to this, we mentioned .kkrieger, which uses procedural generation to essentially do box modeling. The whole game is 97,280 bytes (= 97 KB = 0.097 MB), which is incredibly small for a game - so small you could put 12 copies of it on a 1984 dual sided floppy.

Shellshock (00:14:58)

Shellshock (CVE-2014-6271, CVE-2014-7169, others) is bad news. Amazingly, it’s been around since 1989. There are patches available for the common versions, though the Mac version is reportedly incomplete.

Patch your machines!

Windows 10 (00:19:44)

Windows 10 Technical Preview site (skip to the ISO)

HTML 5 Games with Kristin Valentine (00:26:42)

Kristin is using the Phaser framework for HTML5 games.

Languages for teaching programming:

PhoneGap is a framework from Adobe based on Apache Cordova that is used to build native mobile applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The website from back in the day with the JavaScript snippets was JavaScript Source, and it’s still around! Most of the old content is still around, too. Here’s an area calculator from 2001 on the old site (thanks to the Wayback Machine) and the same snippet on the current site.

Kristin is cool! Check out her stuff:

This is Awesome! (Gadgets, Tech, & Tools)

The Physical Web (00:47:23)

Google just created a repository for their Physical Web project. Its goal is to make deep interaction with real-world objects about as easy as being in the same room as them. This is in contrast to the current model of having to install an app on each of your personal devices for each of your smart devices, which won’t scale well as the Internet of Things expands.

Solar Panels (00:53:00)

Cambridge University using femtosecond laser spectroscopy develops hybrid materials that could result in near 100% efficiency for solar panels using dark triplet excitons.

Spontaneous Debate | Controversy Corner

Do I Need a Website? (00:58:39)

TL;DL: Yes, you need a website.

Bryce ended up making a website!